Do it like they do on the discovery channel

Let admit it: we always tend to talk about sex: where we do it, how much we love it, who we do it with, but most importantly HOW we do it. People come up with tons of new sex positions to try all the time. There are books and web pages entirely dedicated to telling people about new sex positions and how to do them with their partners. For example, the Kama Sutra is an ancient Indian book which focuses on human sexual behavior. Today, Cosmopolitan has dedicated parts of their site to sex positions and it has even developed a Cosmo Kama Sutra which mimics the ancient book but focuses specifically on new sex positions. Imagine that! A whole book filled with sex positions! Who knew there were so many ways?

Talk about using your bodies as an instrument

Books and magazines have come up with thousands of different ways to have sex. I mean there are so many to choose from like: Leapfrog position, spread eagle & cross position. So you’d think we would all have different favorites right?


I bet you can all guess which position is most guys’ favorite- yup! Doggy style! But do you know why? Doggy style brings men back to their most primal instincts. It is animalistic and “dirty” as some like to call it. Men feel wild and in charge of their woman and we all know how much guys love that feeling!

As for the women out there… it might be a little harder to guess which is their favorite. But if you guessed doggy style then you are… RIGHT! Looks like us women like to get a little down and dirty with our men after all!

Far from the truth

Well after all the work & research people have done figuring out new and improved ways to have sex, looks like we all still prefer the one that dates back to the time of the caveman. Good ol’ doggy style!

Sex quote of the day: “Sex is like snow. You never know how many inches you are going to get or how long it will last.”

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