Sex, spice & everything nice

Sex is amazing and exciting and fun and wonderful… okay, okay let me not get too excited. But despite that fact, sometimes we still feel the need to add a little more spice to it. Have you ever been walking down the street and looked into someone’s backyard and happened to get a peek of a frisky couple doing the nasty in their outdoor pool? Or maybe caught a glimpse of two lovers parked on the side of the highway getting it on in their car? (I promise it wasn’t me!.. wink wink)

I’m not really sure why couples like to have sex in public. I’m sure it’s different for everyone. In my opinion, having sex in public adds more of a thrill because there is always the chance you might get caught & it’s a secret you get to share with that one other person (or people … whatever you’re into) Getting caught might even be one of the exciting parts about it! It’s something that is technically against the law and people get away with it all the time! Breaking the law and getting pleasure out of it? Now that’s what I call a good time! (Just kidding)

Sex in public might be fun, but it's still illegal

Not only do we think about it as fun, but when we see other people doing it it seems pretty fun too! Hey, look at Amy Smart and Jason Statham in Crank. They seemed to be having a great time 🙂

Sex quote of the day: “Remember, if you smoke after sex you’re doing it too fast.”

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