Awkward Turtle

I always thought sex was something that was meant to be smooth and flawless, but as the years went by I realized (the hard way) that’s not always how it happens. Sex can be goofy and awkward and terribly embarrassing. Not only have I had my share of humiliating moments, but I have heard tons of stories from my friends as well.

In order to make you all feel a little better I came up with a list of the top five most embarrassing sex moments that I have either experienced myself or heard from others. That way you know… you’re not the only one!

1. Right after a great night of sex, you lie there and the only sounds you hear are the ones of you and your partner breathing and then you move and out comes a loud QUEEF!

2. Your mind accidentally wanders to something funny in the middle of sex and you BURST out laughing! (having to explain is the hard part)

3. A fart… whenever, however! (pretty self explanatory)

4. Soooo your man is going down on you and it feels good until he BITES you and you are actually left with a bruise… you scream, get up and leave. (Awkward)

5. In the heat of the moment one person’s sweat drips in the other person’s eye or worse… mouth! (Ewww)

If you ever find yourself in any of these situations or worse ones the best thing to do is to just laugh it off and keep going. Sex is meant to be fun and natural! Plus, it could always be worse! Check this out…

Sex quote of the day: “Sex is not the answer… Sex is the question. YES is the answer.”

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