The Neighbors Know Your Name

Have you ever been sitting in your room and suddenly hear your neighbors going at it as loud as can be? You hear the bed rocking and creaking and you hear the loudest moans and screams. It almost makes you embarrassed to listen so you turn up the volume on your music, but at the same time you’re tempted to press your ear up against the wall & listen! (Don’t lie)

Or maybe YOU are the one that can’t keep it down in bed. Your friends and neighbors always know when you’ve had sex because there is no mistaking (or muffling) your loud noises in bed. Sometimes your lover might even have to tell you to keep it down once in a while (shhhh)

This might embarrass you BUT you will be happy to know that moaning and making noises in bed is perfectly normal. In fact, it may be a part of our most primal human instincts! Studies have shown that in many primate species, the female makes noises before, during or after she mates. These sounds can indicate anything from the female’s reproductive state to the male’s status ranking.

You're not the only one!

Some women (like me) also feel that being loud gets you more in the mood. If you focus too much on being quiet your mind tends to wander & I don’t think either partner wants that.

Soooo sorry neighbors out there! We can’t help it if nature makes us moan. Plus, sex just feels so damn good! And who wants to have quiet sex all the time?! Booo-ring! We’ll save that for the library 😉

Sex quote of the day: “Sex at age 90 is like trying to shoot pool with a rope.”

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