My room is the G-spot

We all talk about this mysterious area on a woman’s body and most of us think we know where it is. There are jokes about it and songs that talk about it, but where oh where can the G-spot be?

(If only it was as easy as pressing a GIANT red button)

Some people think that every woman has her very own G-spot. (not true)

Surprisingly, out of the college-aged men I asked, 80% knew roughly where the G-spot is.

Even more surprisingly, a lot of women do not even know where the G-spot is on their own body!

What we do know for sure is that it can make sex soooo much better. So that’s why it’s so important to find it!

But don’t worry if you don’t know. You’re not the only one! A woman on Dr. Oz could not even locate the G-spot on a diagram.

Plus, that’s what I’m here for 🙂 It is very important for men to know where the G-spot is so that they can pleasure their women. It’s even more important for women to know so they can help out the guys whenever they need a little guidance.

So next time you guys out there are doing the boom-boom with your lady, don’t be afraid to explore a little now that you know where it is! And ladies help out your guys (it’s okay) But if you want to be sure beforehand, do a little exploring on your own. (I won’t tell)

Here is a diagram that should help you find  exactly where it is!

Good luck & spread the word to all your friends who don’t know!!!

Sex quote of the day: “Sex is like math: Add the bed, subtract the clothes, divide the legs & pray you don’t multiply!”

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