Learn to love yourself

So it’s the day after Valentine’s Day… thank God for that! I am sorry to everyone who loves Valentine’s Day, but really I think it is just a way for companies to make money from all the men who feel obligated to spoil their girlfriends and wives on this one day out of the entire year. I mean, who says you should show your love on ONE day and not the other 364? Seems ridiculous to me.

And not only are people spending unnecessary money, but what about all those people who are single? Even though I am happy to have a wonderful boyfriend in my life, I bet this day makes them feel like SH!T and to me that’s not fair at all!

As you can see, I am not such a fan of the actual holiday.  Although, I must say that the movie with this title was pretty amusing! If you haven’t seen it I’d say it was a pretty good romantic comedy!

That’s why my post is dedicated to all the people who were ALONE yesterday and any other day of the year 🙂 And since my blog is about SEX that brings me to having sex all on your own… aka masturbation!

This topic tends to make people blush a lot of the time, but to tell you the truth, it’s nothing to be embarrassed about! Masturbation is natural and can even enhance your sex life. When you masturbate you learn more about yourself… your likes & your dislikes. It better prepares you for sex with a partner (if you have one) because then you are prepared and you know exactly what will turn you on in bed.

Here’s another plus! –> Women have a better chance at achieving an orgasm when they masturbate than when they have sexual intercourse! 56% of women have an orgasm every time they masturbate compared with only 24% who do the same with a partner. Surprising huh?

And since my blog is about sex you would think there is nothing here for the virgin population, but alas! Here is something for you virgins out there! You can all masturbate and not worry about breaking your vows of abstinence!

But don’t get carried away now! Masturbating TOO much may make you lose interest in having sex with other people altogether. Masturbating too vigorously may also hurt you. You don’t want any of that.. ouch!

But hey as long as you don’t overdo it, masturbating is completely natural and healthy for you. So the next time you’re bummed that you don’t have plans turn that frown upside down and take the time to stay in and get to know yourself a little better 😉

Sex Quote of the Day: “Don’t knock masturbation. It’s sex with someone I love.”

5 thoughts on “Learn to love yourself

  1. Thank You for being a non-single girl who doesn’t like Valentines. And thanks for letting us chronically single girls know that there is someone out there that we can have sex with without being sluts, OURSELVES!! Love the blog Jazzy

  2. Thank you Dana!

    & you’re welcome 🙂 Sometimes I feel like a hypocrite because I’m so in love but screw Valentine’s Day!

    & sex with yourself is better than no sex at all ANY day!

  3. Yeah V-Day is a double edged sword. Supposed “I love you” day. I love you today baby, but tomorrow, I’ll ignore all your calls and tell my boys what a bitch you are… but I love you today. Isn’t that what the card says??? lol

    and uh…


    ^ you should know why im smiling.

    Go go gadget masturbate! lmao

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