Be safe- wear a helmet!

Okay, so I promised in my last post that I would talk about things other than condoms because YES there are other ways to have safe sex…

#1: ABSTINENCE… hahahaha okay that made me laugh too! This blog isn’t about stopping sex- it’s about having it!! So let’s move on from that. Whew!

#2: The rhythm method: When a couple chooses not to have sex on days when the female is the most fertile. This is a good method for people who would rather not use contraceptives either for personal or religious reasons. However, there is A LOT of room for error!

#3: Barrier Methods: These include contraceptive sponges, dental dam, diaphragms, cervical caps & shields and male & female condoms. Remember, these are the ONLY methods which will protect against pregnancy AND STDs at the same time!!!

Barrier Methods of Birth Control

#4: Hormonal Methods: These include the pill, the shot, the patch and the vaginal ring. These are all good methods to use when you are in a monogamous relationship because they do not protect against HIV and other STDs so you should be sure you and your partner have been tested!

#5: Implantable Devices: These include implantable rods and intrauterine devices. These are good because they last a long time and you don’t have to worry about daily pills or things you might forget. You need to plan ahead for these though because they last at least 5 to 10 years.

Intrauterine Device (IUD)

#6: Permanent Birth Control Methods: These are irreversible procedures which cause you to never be able to get pregnant. You should put a lot of thought into your decision before getting one of these done because you CAN’T change your mind!

#7: Emergency Contraception: This is something that is taken to prevent pregnancy once you have already had sex. It should not be used as a regular form of birth control though. The name says it all: only in the case of an emergency! But since you have read all the other ways to be safe you shouldn’t even have to use this one 🙂

So now you have all the information you need to keep having lots of sex and enjoying it… safely of course! Thing to remember!…

1. Condoms and other barrier methods are the ONLY way to protect against STDs

2. In case of an emergency get the morning after pill!

Okay you’re ready… now go have SEX!

Sex quote of the day: “Remember when safe sex meant not getting caught?”

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