Going down South

Head… eating out… blow job… Going down…

Call it what you may. We all know what it is… ORAL SEX!

So I decided to blog about this topic today because I have recently come across too many of my friends who do not take part in this activity. Don’t get me wrong- I respect everyone’s personal opinion, but when I asked them “why?” they had no good reason!

They just told me they never had & weren’t really sure what was holding them back.

So I decided to look up some of the reasons why people might decide not to engage in oral sex and talk about them for a little bit.

So some people do not like the taste of oral sex & sure that’s fine if you have actually tried it and are positive you just can’t handle it. I mean, it’s not for everyone! But you have to remember that everyone is different so you should not judge every partner on a past experience you have had!

There are also some things you can try to do to change that. For example, why not try some flavored lubricant? Then you can pleasure your partner and taste something yummy at the same time. Mmmm strawberry!

I have also heard that people don’t like the smell that comes with oral sex. But again remember that everyone is different! Here’s a tip: Try catching your partner as soon as he/she gets out of the shower. Better yet! Suggest a sexy shower for the both of you 😉

A big reason is that people have never done it and the longer they go without doing it the more they push it back… mostly because they fear they won’t know how since they have never tried. Well all I can say to that is– you gotta start somewhere! There is a first time for everything and trust me, oral sex isn’t something anyone gets lessons on anyway. It’s just something you try and learn as you go along.

Every partner you have will  be different so most people have to learn all over again with someone new. Either way, there are tons of ways to “learn” and gets tips on how to give oral sex.

The reason why I encourage you all to try oral sex is because it can enhance your sex life so much! It is a way to learn more about your partner and it adds to foreplay. Oh and did I mention.. it feels awesome!

Oh and before you go here’s a little funny joke about oral sex…

Sex quote of the day:  “Researchers have found that oral sex among teenagers has doubled in the last ten years. So who says there is no lasting Clinton legacy.”

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