No sex for mommies?

So here we are in college and in our 20s. The real world is going to hit us sooner than we know. We’ll have careers and maybe get married and maybe even… have kids! Yes, I said it. It’s something that we have to think about and prepare for. At least I know I think about it.

In fact, many of my friends are already past the thinking stage and have already gotten married and had kids. When I think about them and their new lives my mind goes to one place & we all know where that is! Yes… their sex lives!!

So obviously these people had a thriving sex life in the first place to bring a baby into the world. But what happens after? Do you still want to do it at all times of day everywhere you can think of? According to an article on, the answer is NO!

Mothers go through a post-baby sex slump and may not want to have sex for even a year after the baby is born! And we’re not talking because they don’t have time. They actually do not have the desire! (I know, it seems impossible to me too)

Doctors say that couples can have sex about 6 weeks after a baby is born, but that’s not always what these women want.

So I’m not saying if you want to have a good sex life don’t have any babies but sheesh! That’s something to think about!! Who knew having a kid would even make you not want to get down with your sweetie for a long time!?

Sex quote of the day: “Is sex dirty? Only if it’s done right.”

Curl up with some sex

I’ve talked about ways to have sex and about ways to watch it, but I’m sure a lot of people like to read about sex. As someone who loves to read books, I can relate to this! Here are some books I recommend you buy or maybe you can curl up at Barnes & Noble with a yummy latte from Starbucks and read away!

#1. The Coldest Winter Ever By Sister Souljah: I read this one myself and although it is not mainly about sex there are some really intense scenes described. It is an awesome book which tells the story of a girl’s life based in an urban neighborhood. I would definitely read it again.

#2: Flyy Girl by Omar Tyree: Another book I have read and loved! Again it is not based only on sex but that’s what makes those scenes even better when they are sprinkled throughout and give you a pleasant surprise!

#3: Addicted by Zane: I’ve read this one as well and it might just be one of my favorites!! Talk about explicit reading. This is sure to be a good read and keep you very interested!

#4: My Wicked Vampire by Nina Bangs: I haven’t read this one but my best friend did and I trust her taste. If she says it’s good it must be sexy! Plus, those of you who are into the vampire thing after Twilight will really love this one!

#5: The Sex Chronicles by Zane: I haven’t read this one either but I loved Zane’s other book so much that I truly believe her other work will be just as fantastic!

So the next time you find yourself sitting bored get up and get a book to read. Too many people don’t read enough. It’s such a great thing and it’s even better when the thing you’re reading about is SEX!

Sex quote of the day: “Having sex is like playing bridge. If you don’t have a good partner, you better have a good hand.”

No trees, No sex

I know I have blogged before about having sex in public, but I had no idea it had become such a serious issue! I came across an interesting and slightly humorous article on that I would like to share with you all…

According to the story, British officials chopped down 600 trees in the woods to stop people from having sex in the woods! Kind of like this cheesy scene of Sarah Michelle Gellar…

Apparently too many  couples were going into the woods in order to find a hidden spot to get in on in the wild! The article did say the local government wanted to cut down the trees because they were old and dangerous, but police said it would help prevent “dogging“- British slang for people having sex in a semi-public place while people watch. (Freaky!)

And who knew stuff like this was so popular?! People have even written books on the proper way to have sex in the woods! Check out Luann Colombo’s book How to Have Sex in the Woods to learn more about this. The first chapter is called “Packing for Sex and Other Emergencies” haha fun!

Hopefully cutting down the trees helped the situation for the British! And good luck to you all who try having sex in the woods after reading this!

Sex quote of the day: “Sex is the most fun you can have without laughing.”


I used to think sexting was just sending sexually explicit text  messages to someone. You know, kind of like having phone sex only typing the words out. But I was wrong.

Recently many television programs and even public service announcements have been bringing attention to the real meaning of the new craze amongst young people.

I was also under the impression that it was something harmless. I figured it was only natural for couples to want to send sexy messages to each other. I mean, sometimes it’s pretty hot for couples to spark up a sexy conversation throughout the day to entice each other.

However, sexting has become such a serious problem that people who engage in this activity may be charged with possessing or distributing child pornography.  There are ongoing debates about how to treat these crimes. An article in the Times of India talks about how some of these laws might be changed because of their harsh nature.

More and more people are becoming concerned about this new phenomenon which most young people are taking part in. Tyra Banks thought it was important enough to dedicate an episode of her show to this topic. Parents are also becoming more involved in what their children do via electronic devices.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a fan of sexy texting, but all I’m saying is there is a time for everything. Be smart!

Of course, there comes a time when you feel you can fully trust another person. In that case, keep the emotions flowing throughout the day with a couple of sexual texts. Cosmo has some great ideas!

Sex quote of the day: If sex is such a natural phenomenon how come there are so many books on “how to”?

To wait or not to wait?

I was discussing my blog recently and it was brought to my attention that through the perspectives and insight that I offer about sex, I might be encouraging young people to rush to have sex because it is such a wonderful thing.

And trust me… based on my own experiences that is the LAST thing I want to do.

Now don’t get me wrong– I still strongly believe that sex is one of the three best things on Earth, (sleep & food are the other 2) but there is a time for everything & sex is not something to rush into.

I believe that having sex is an extremely important decision to make & there should be a lot of thought put into it.

Some people choose to have sex earlier in their life than others do. In America the average age at which people lose their virginity is 17, but like I said it is a personal decision. I have heard stories about friends who have lost their virginity at 11 & I have friends who are still virgins well into their college years.

I think it is important to be mentally stable ready and sometimes that is not possible until you are past your teenage years. I am 20 and I feel that now is when I can really start to explore and enjoy my sexuality. Many people who did not wait to have sex until they were ready end up regretting it & this is about enjoying sex remember?

And the friends I know now that are still virgins seem to be really happy with their decisions. Some are even waiting for marriage! I’m not preaching and saying this is what everyone should do (obviously) but it might be the right thing for YOU.

This is just some food for thought of course but once you are ready to make that decision in your life I know you will love it & enjoy it & won’t be able to stop. That’s what I’m here for… to talk about all the things you will need to know!

I know this isn’t like one of my usual posts, but I just want to put it out there: Yes, I love sex and telling people how to enhance their sex lives, but please make sure you’re ready!!

Sex quote of the day: How can sex be a sin if it is the only thing that keeps the human race from disappearing?

Celebrity Sex

I love to talk about sex! You love to talk about sex! But who do we really want to hear talking about sex? Celebrities of course! We seek to know every little detail in the life of a famous person so of course we would want to know what happens between the sheets!

Let’s see what some of our favorite celebrities had to say about SEX!

#1: Megan Fox: Can her name be any more fitting?! She is super sexy and I bet we would all like to know what’s it’s like to get into bed with her!

So what do you all think? Does she look like a sex goddess to you??

Well… you might be surprised to know that Miss Fox is a little more innocent than she looks. According to an interview with People, Fox has only had sex with two men in her life and refuses to have sex with someone she does not love!

This sex symbol even says she has never and would never even think of having a one-night stand.

#2: Will Smith: We can all agree that from the time we started seeing him on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air we have had a huge crush on him. What a cutie!

So we all know he has been happily married to Jada Pinkett-Smith for who knows how many years now (it’s actually 12) so he probably doesn’t have very much sex right? If you think that you are way off!

Will Smith and his wife love to have lots and lots of sex and not just with each other. Smith has spoken in interviews about the open relationship he shares with his wife in which they have agreed that it is okay to have sex with other people as long as it is agreed upon beforehand.

I don’t think this would work for everyone, but hey! if your partner is down go for it!!

#3: Lady Gaga: She may be a little outrageous at times, but let’s face it- she screams sex!

With her teeny tiny outfits she wears onstage and the way she moves her body you might think Lady Gaga is a wild child, but in fact she is an advocate for safe sex and encourages using condoms. More points for her since I already love her music!

According to an interview with Lady Gaga sex with without a condom is like playing a dangerous game of Russian Roulette! You tell ’em Lady Gaga!

#4: John Mayer: He looks like a sweet, innocent guy but songs like “Your Body is a Wonderland” might have been  a dead giveaway to his super sexual side!

In interviews Mayer has been known to open up about his sex life to the point where people might start to blush.

In a recent interview with Playboy, Mayer opened up about his love of porn, his relationship with Jennifer Aniston and his addiction to sex with Jessica Simpson.

Shy & quiet? I think not!

#5: Fergie: We might not always hear much about Fergie in the news but it’s not because she is trying to hide anything!

If anything she is one person that is definitely willing to be open about her sex life. She has been known to refer to her husband Josh Duhamel (he is yummy!) as well-endowed and she admits dressing up for him in sexy outfits every once in a while.

She is openly bisexual and has said that she had to learn that she can’t just go around fooling around with other girls. You’re married now Fergie. It’s still cheating if it’s with a girl!

That’s only 5 celebrities out of the many who have opened up about sex, but I’m sure you were surprised by a couple of their sexual lifestyles. I sure was!

Sex quote of the day: “There is nothing better than good sex. But bad sex? A peanut butter and jelly sandwich is better than bad sex.”

Lights, Camera, Sex!

Not only do we as a society like to have sex, but we like to watch it as well. And I’m not talking abut being  a creepy peeping Tom staring into your neighbor’s window or sitting in front of your computer and downloading tons of porn. I’m talking about watching a movie & enjoying the tasteful sex scenes sprinkled throughout the films. As I’ve said before… sex sells! So of course, movie producers are going to use that to attract us to their movies. So I did my homework & looked for a bunch of the hottest sex scenes you can find in movies. Maybe this weekend you can snuggle next to your sweetie and watch a few to get in the mood 😉

Love & Basketball: Hot and romantic and even better since the background music is “This Woman’s Worth” by Maxwell

Titanic: If you’ve seen this one you KNOW you have tried the steamy window hand thing!!

The Notebook: Romantic and passionate and just plain sexy!!

Matrix Reloaded: Cool music and dance scene to go with it!

Ghost: An oldie but a goodie!

And here’s one you can all go check out on your own because it’s a little much to show on my blog!

Monster’s Ball: Talk about making her feel good! 😉

Hope you enjoy!!!

Sex quote of the day: “Remember sex is like a Chinese dinner. It ain’t over til you both get your cookie.”