Sexaholics Anonymous

There are some people who like sex and there are others who love sex (like me!) But then there are those who literally cannot control their urges to have sex. These people have recently come to be known as sex addicts. Talk about sex addiction has become especially popular in the past few months because of its prevalence in the news pertaining to celebrities such as David Duchovny and Tiger Woods . These two public icons came out and admitted to society that they are addicted to sex. But is there really such a thing or are people using this terminology as an excuse to have an uncontrollable amount of sex?

Looks like there might actually be some people that cannot control their sexual desires. According to an article in the Los Angeles Times, though, it might not actually be addiction per se, but more of a hypersexual disorder. This idea behind sexual addiction is fairly new so there are no definite answers yet, but studies show that there are similar areas of the brain which are affected in people with other types of addictions.

People who have experienced the symptoms of this disorder can find no other explanation than an addiction. They truly believe that it is something that is out of their control & they show sympathy for others who are also going through the same thing. In an article for USA Today, Steve Phillips, says that sex addiction is real and he stands behind Tiger for being strong.

I cannot tell you for sure if sex addiction is a real disorder, but there are people out there whose lives are being affected by this overwhelming obsession with sex. It’s as real as that. Maybe even someone reading this feel they are being affected by this so it’s real to YOU. And because of that there is help out there. Don’t worry you’re not alone! And remember if there is ever anything you think I should bring up e-mail me at!

Sex quote of the day: “Sex is like fractions. It’s improper when the larger one is on top.”

2 thoughts on “Sexaholics Anonymous

  1. Is it a sex addiction when you constantly have sex with your partner ALLLL THE TIME and like anywhere and everywhere because you both LOOOOVE having sex with each other and cannot control your urges when you’re together???

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