Lights, Camera, Sex!

Not only do we as a society like to have sex, but we like to watch it as well. And I’m not talking abut being  a creepy peeping Tom staring into your neighbor’s window or sitting in front of your computer and downloading tons of porn. I’m talking about watching a movie & enjoying the tasteful sex scenes sprinkled throughout the films. As I’ve said before… sex sells! So of course, movie producers are going to use that to attract us to their movies. So I did my homework & looked for a bunch of the hottest sex scenes you can find in movies. Maybe this weekend you can snuggle next to your sweetie and watch a few to get in the mood 😉

Love & Basketball: Hot and romantic and even better since the background music is “This Woman’s Worth” by Maxwell

Titanic: If you’ve seen this one you KNOW you have tried the steamy window hand thing!!

The Notebook: Romantic and passionate and just plain sexy!!

Matrix Reloaded: Cool music and dance scene to go with it!

Ghost: An oldie but a goodie!

And here’s one you can all go check out on your own because it’s a little much to show on my blog!

Monster’s Ball: Talk about making her feel good! 😉

Hope you enjoy!!!

Sex quote of the day: “Remember sex is like a Chinese dinner. It ain’t over til you both get your cookie.”

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