To wait or not to wait?

I was discussing my blog recently and it was brought to my attention that through the perspectives and insight that I offer about sex, I might be encouraging young people to rush to have sex because it is such a wonderful thing.

And trust me… based on my own experiences that is the LAST thing I want to do.

Now don’t get me wrong– I still strongly believe that sex is one of the three best things on Earth, (sleep & food are the other 2) but there is a time for everything & sex is not something to rush into.

I believe that having sex is an extremely important decision to make & there should be a lot of thought put into it.

Some people choose to have sex earlier in their life than others do. In America the average age at which people lose their virginity is 17, but like I said it is a personal decision. I have heard stories about friends who have lost their virginity at 11 & I have friends who are still virgins well into their college years.

I think it is important to be mentally stable ready and sometimes that is not possible until you are past your teenage years. I am 20 and I feel that now is when I can really start to explore and enjoy my sexuality. Many people who did not wait to have sex until they were ready end up regretting it & this is about enjoying sex remember?

And the friends I know now that are still virgins seem to be really happy with their decisions. Some are even waiting for marriage! I’m not preaching and saying this is what everyone should do (obviously) but it might be the right thing for YOU.

This is just some food for thought of course but once you are ready to make that decision in your life I know you will love it & enjoy it & won’t be able to stop. That’s what I’m here for… to talk about all the things you will need to know!

I know this isn’t like one of my usual posts, but I just want to put it out there: Yes, I love sex and telling people how to enhance their sex lives, but please make sure you’re ready!!

Sex quote of the day: How can sex be a sin if it is the only thing that keeps the human race from disappearing?

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