No trees, No sex

I know I have blogged before about having sex in public, but I had no idea it had become such a serious issue! I came across an interesting and slightly humorous article on that I would like to share with you all…

According to the story, British officials chopped down 600 trees in the woods to stop people from having sex in the woods! Kind of like this cheesy scene of Sarah Michelle Gellar…

Apparently too many  couples were going into the woods in order to find a hidden spot to get in on in the wild! The article did say the local government wanted to cut down the trees because they were old and dangerous, but police said it would help prevent “dogging“- British slang for people having sex in a semi-public place while people watch. (Freaky!)

And who knew stuff like this was so popular?! People have even written books on the proper way to have sex in the woods! Check out Luann Colombo’s book How to Have Sex in the Woods to learn more about this. The first chapter is called “Packing for Sex and Other Emergencies” haha fun!

Hopefully cutting down the trees helped the situation for the British! And good luck to you all who try having sex in the woods after reading this!

Sex quote of the day: “Sex is the most fun you can have without laughing.”

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