No sex for mommies?

So here we are in college and in our 20s. The real world is going to hit us sooner than we know. We’ll have careers and maybe get married and maybe even… have kids! Yes, I said it. It’s something that we have to think about and prepare for. At least I know I think about it.

In fact, many of my friends are already past the thinking stage and have already gotten married and had kids. When I think about them and their new lives my mind goes to one place & we all know where that is! Yes… their sex lives!!

So obviously these people had a thriving sex life in the first place to bring a baby into the world. But what happens after? Do you still want to do it at all times of day everywhere you can think of? According to an article on, the answer is NO!

Mothers go through a post-baby sex slump and may not want to have sex for even a year after the baby is born! And we’re not talking because they don’t have time. They actually do not have the desire! (I know, it seems impossible to me too)

Doctors say that couples can have sex about 6 weeks after a baby is born, but that’s not always what these women want.

So I’m not saying if you want to have a good sex life don’t have any babies but sheesh! That’s something to think about!! Who knew having a kid would even make you not want to get down with your sweetie for a long time!?

Sex quote of the day: “Is sex dirty? Only if it’s done right.”

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