Jan Luedecke of Toronto was able to get his charges of sexual assault against a woman dropped after he claimed he didn’t know what he was doing because he was… get this- SLEEPING!

Apparently Luedecke had a history of sleepwalking but on this specific night he was doing way more than just walking. He woke up to a woman demanding to know what he was doing, but he claims he honestly had no idea he was having sex with her.

Under the law, if a person has no intent to commit a crime then he/she has not committed a crime. Therefore, Luedecke was acquitted!

Think this sounds crazy or unbelievable?

Well here’s the explanation: SEXSOMNIA!

Sexsomnia is a state of parasomnia that causes people to engage in sexual activities such as masturbation, fondling, sexual intercourse, sexual assault and even rape while they are asleep.

There you go… people love sex so much they even like to have it in their sleep 🙂

Sex quote of the day: “If you use the electric vibrator near water, you will come and go at the same time.”

Wii sex?

The Wii Fit promises that its users will “experience an extensive array of fun, dynamic and surprisingly challenging activities.”

For one Manchester caterer this proved to be ironically true!

Amanda Flowers, 24, claims  that after falling off of her Wii balance board she acquired an intense sexual addiction.

Supposedly it began as a slight twinge down below until it surged throughout her whole body.

Doctors told Flowers that her condition was caused by a damaged nerve from her tumble.

She controls her urges by breathing deeply until she can find a better solution (like a partner)

I don’t really know what to think of this story & I don’t know how credible it is, but I definitely thought it was worth discussing! What do you all think?

Sex quote of the day: “Sex & golf are the two things that you can enjoy even if you’re not good at them.”

Gaga preaches abstinence

So Lady Gaga is in the news AGAIN and it has to do with sex AGAIN. Nothing new, right?

But this time it has nothing to do with the constant gossip about her sexual preferences or the ongoing rumors about her genitals. (who cares anyway?)

This time Lady Gaga is promoting abstinence. She is advising her fans to stay away from casual sex because it is not the only way to feel good about oneself.

Apparently Gaga even agreed to distribute condoms to her fans at one of her concerts.

Looks like she is really dedicated to her cause!

She is also part of a Viva Glam campaign by MAC’s AIDS Awareness.

Way to go Gaga! Making a difference for young people while also showing them it’s okay to be different.

And as good as sex is she didn’t even have to have it to be cool!

Sex quote of the day: “Sex: the thing that takes up the least amount of time and causes the most amount of trouble.”

Define “sex”

What comes to your mind when you think of the word sex? How do you define it? I am sure if you asked 100 people this question you might get a lot of different answers.

On one definition of the word “sex” is sexual intercourse, which is defined as genital contact especially the insertion of the penis into the vagina.

But then where does ORAL sex come in or how about ANAL sex? Where do those fit? They have the word sex in them don’t they?

According to an article in the a study was done in 2007 at the University of Kentucky in which researchers asked college students what actions needed to be performed in order for them to be considered sex. According to the study…

  • 98% consider it sex when there is vaginal intercourse
  • 78% consider it sex when there is anal sex
  • 20% consider it sex when there is oral sex
  • 9% consider it sex when there is intimate touching
  • 6% consider it sex when there is deep kissing

I think we can all agree that deep kissing isn’t really my idea of sex, but check out those numbers for anal and oral sex! What do YOU think? If you have an opinion on this e-mail me at and let me know.

Sex quote of the day: “The good thing about masturbation is that you don’t have to get dressed up for it.”

Sex Diet

It seems to be a cliche that all men get sleepy, roll over and pass out after sex. But it’s not only men who do this. Trust me, ladies get worn out too! Sometimes women  would like to skip the snuggling and get right to the snoring just like men. And who can blame them? Sex is a work out!

But here is something that might stop you from getting upset the next time your partner decides to zonk out right after sex…

According to an article in the, having sex can actually make you sleep better. Plus, research has shown that a lack of sleep might be a cause of obesity. Therefore, the sex helps you sleep which helps you maintain a healthy weight!

Oh, and one more thing… did you know you could burn between 50 and 100 calories having sex? That means if you have sex 3 times a week you could lose 7500 calories in a year… 4 pounds! Just from having sex, which we know I like to say is one of the best things on Earth!

So go home and have some crazy sex with your lovies and make sure you burn a load of calories. Then sleep it all off and increase your chances of staying a healthy weight! Who knew “working out” could be so FUN?!

Sex quote of the day: “A dirty book is rarely dusty.”

Sex Tapes

Sometimes when we have sex we wish we could watch ourselves do it. We are so into it at the  that we would like to be able to look back at each moment slowly. What better way than to film ourselves and make a sex tape right??

Well sure this seems like a great idea but then you wonder… what do you do with the video after you watch it? Do you have a secret hiding spot?

Well you’d better have a really good one or else you might end up like one of the many celebrities who have had their sex videos leaked to the media and have been publicly embarrassed.

Here are a few well-known celebrities that have had their sexy activities caught on tape and distributed for the world to see…


This one was pretty scandalous since it supposedly showed him having sex with a minor

Paris Hilton

I guess this is a taste of what her video shows. It’s called “1 Night in Paris“… how original!

Kim Kardashian

This is one of the more decent images from the infamous sex tape. Some rumors say this tape may even be the reason for Kim’s break-up from Reggie Bush.

Pamela Anderson

She made a tape with her on-and-off husband Tommy Lee who unfortunately gave her Hepatitis C

Fred Durst

How else can we explain this? It’s the crazy life of a rockstar!

So if you didn’t know about these before today, now you do! And when you have some free time, take a break from watching TV and check some of these out. Just make sure you don’t make one of your own and accidentally let it out of your sight!

Sex quote of the day: “For the first time in history, sex is more dangerous than the cigarette afterward.”