Sex Tapes

Sometimes when we have sex we wish we could watch ourselves do it. We are so into it at the  that we would like to be able to look back at each moment slowly. What better way than to film ourselves and make a sex tape right??

Well sure this seems like a great idea but then you wonder… what do you do with the video after you watch it? Do you have a secret hiding spot?

Well you’d better have a really good one or else you might end up like one of the many celebrities who have had their sex videos leaked to the media and have been publicly embarrassed.

Here are a few well-known celebrities that have had their sexy activities caught on tape and distributed for the world to see…


This one was pretty scandalous since it supposedly showed him having sex with a minor

Paris Hilton

I guess this is a taste of what her video shows. It’s called “1 Night in Paris“… how original!

Kim Kardashian

This is one of the more decent images from the infamous sex tape. Some rumors say this tape may even be the reason for Kim’s break-up from Reggie Bush.

Pamela Anderson

She made a tape with her on-and-off husband Tommy Lee who unfortunately gave her Hepatitis C

Fred Durst

How else can we explain this? It’s the crazy life of a rockstar!

So if you didn’t know about these before today, now you do! And when you have some free time, take a break from watching TV and check some of these out. Just make sure you don’t make one of your own and accidentally let it out of your sight!

Sex quote of the day: “For the first time in history, sex is more dangerous than the cigarette afterward.”

One thought on “Sex Tapes

  1. Jasmine,

    Really good job all semester. Despite some of the topics you’ve covered You’ve kept your posts very interesting, yet kept them from spiraling out of control into the sleazy area.

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