Safe (and good) sex

Everyone is always talking about having safe sex and all the precautions we must take when deciding to jump into bed with someone. But what is the 1st thing that comes to mind when someone talks about safe sex? STDs? Unplanned pregnancies? It’s all negative!

We should focus on what can be good… and I mean REALLY good about safe sex!

Let’s start with flavored condoms… If you’re going to have to put your mouth or any body part on a piece of rubber it might as well taste good right? Who wants to have that nasty rubber taste and smell on them? BUT with flavored condoms you don’t have to worry about that! Here are some of the flavors they have out there & I’m sure you can find many more…

Now how about condoms that can actually make sex feel even better! Yeah, I bet you didn’t even know that was possible huh?

Trojan Fire & Ice Condoms: These condoms have lubricant on the inside and the outside and it gives both partners a warm tingly sensation. And I don’t mean like putting Icy Hot down there (ouch!) This is the perfect subtle blend of both of those feelings! Plus, it won’t even feel like you have a condom on. Here is the commercial for these awesome condoms:

Durex Extra Sensitive Condoms: These condoms are 20% thinner than most other condoms so it feels like there isn’t anything there. And what’s better than feeling like you aren’t wearing a condom but being protected by one at the same time? They are even coated with a silky lubricant and don’t have a strong latex smell.

Those are 2 types of condoms that can help sex feel amazing and safe at the same time. For more of these check out this list of the best condoms at Consumer Search!

And you can always try other fun things to use with condoms like vibrating condom rings! Sex and vibrating are 2 words that always go together & always feel good 😉 Check some of these out at Undercover Condoms! And here’s an ad for one that was banned…

So next time someone brings up safe sex you know it doesn’t have to sound so negative and boring. Remember… now you don’t have any excuses to have unsafe sex. Safe sex can feel good too!

Sex quote of the day: “Sex is emotion in motion.”

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