Let’s Not Be So Shy About Sex

Can you believe there is an entire day dedicated to this idea? This Sunday, July 31st, 2011 is Let’s Not Be So Shy About Sex Day!

That must mean that there are enough people around who are so shy about sex that we need an entire day focused on getting them to let loose! I must say… this saddens me quite a bit because I do not think sex is something to be shy about! Let’s face it people… without sex none of us would be here! Don’t tell me you think your mom was a virgin!

And we all know by now that I don’t think reproduction is the only excuse for sex! (In fact, reproduction may only decrease the amount of sex you have so you might want to put that off as long as possible.) Sex is amazing and fabulous and exhilarating! Can you tell I like it?

Anyway, for those of you who do need this day as inspiration to get out there and get a little frisky, go for it! I beg you… please go out there and talk about it, watch it, have it! Use this day to explore what you really like in bed. Take this opportunity to tell your partner what it really is you want done. You want her hand where? Tell her! You want his mouth on what? Tell him! You may even need a little alone time to discover your own body and use what you learn at another time. Maybe you’re a virgin who’s been putting off sex for years because you’re too shy. Well guess what! The day has come! Forget all your fears and inhibitions… have some sex and don’t be so shy!

If you want to learn more about this day and talk to other people about it you can visit the event page on Facebook by clicking here. Hey you never know… maybe you’ll even meet the person you can use your newfound sexual prowess with!

But just for the record: I definitely think every day should be “Let’s Not Be So Shy About Sex Day!”

Sex quote of the day: “Sex is a sensation. It’s about a man’s temptation, putting his location in a woman’s destination.”

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