Indecent Proposal

indecent proposalThis past weekend I stayed in and watched old movies because unlike most twenty-somethings my calendar remains absolutely clear! (Note to self: I need more friends!) Anyway, I stumbled upon the movie Indecent Proposal, and I freaking loved it! Any movie that can have me thinking about it days after I’ve watched it is a good movie in my book. Plus, it stars Demi Moore as a young, sexy housewife named Diana… who wouldn’t like that?!

In the movie, Diana and her husband, David, are approached by gazillionaire, John Gage, with an unusual business proposition. John asks David if he would allow him to spend one night with his wife in exchange for $1 million. At first Diana and David are appalled and disgusted. However, with their recent financial hardships, they are unable to refuse the offer on the table so Diana goes on to spend one night with John and then goes back to her husband.

Here is the intense scene where John Gage actually asks the couple:

This really got me thinking! I mean, when I first heard that question come out of John’s mouth I was disgusted! First of all, I hate when people flash their money around like it’s the answer to all the world’s problems. Second of all, I couldn’t even imagine any person ever taking him up on that offer! Then I watched as Diana and David rationalized their answer and made it sound logical and reasonable. After all, it was “just sex,” the way they put it. So I began to wonder, might other people make the same decision they made?

I asked some of my friends and I actually got mixed answers, which surprised me! Some people said they would never allow that to happen. One person brought up something I would have never thought about. He said, “What if that happened to be my last night to be with her? You never know what can happen. There is more to life than just money and I would never do that.” Others said they would take the million!

In my opinion, as appealing as that amount of money sounds,  if you truly value and cherish your partner, you could never make a deal like this. It may seem easy to call it “just sex” and forget about it the next day, but I think it’s a lot harder than it sounds. Sex will always be an emotional and intimate connection between two people and I think it would be difficult for a couple to forget about something like this. I feel like it would always be in the back of both people’s minds and it would slowly deteriorate the relationship. (And although the movie did have a happy ending, this is exactly what began to happen)

My question to you all is: Do you think you would allow your partner to be with another person for just one night in exchange for a large amount of money? And if so, do you think you could forget about it and continue being in a happy relationship?

Sex quote of the day: “It’s not true that I had nothing on. I had the radio on.”