Polly want a… cupcake?

I definitely believe that 3 of the best things in life are food, sex and sleep and preferably in that order!  But somehow I think there is somewhat of an issue when you are doing 2 of those things at the same time. You might remember one of my posts about sexsomnia when I talked about people who have sex while they are sleeping and are not even conscious of what they are doing. This might sound like a good time, but when you’re waking up from a long night’s “sleep” more exhausted than you were when you went to bed, not so much fun.

Now combining food and sex is a little different because you have to be conscious of what you are doing. Some people find the act of eating extremely erotic and experience a strong attraction to overweight or obese people. This is usually know as fat fetishism or feederism. Donna Simpson, a woman who was featured on the Tyra show, weighed over 500 pounds at the time the episode aired. However, she was not happy with her weight because she actually wanted to weigh 1,000 pounds! Her goal was to be the fattest woman in the world. Her husband was happy with her weight and found her “fatness and roundness” to be beautiful. He even expressed that he liked the way overweight woman sat with their legs spread wide so that their bellies could hang in between their thighs.  He would be known as a “Fat Admirer,” or F.A. for short.When I watched this episode I was so surprised because it is the complete opposite of the way most people in our society think of body image and it is different from what the media influences us to believe. If you don’t believe it either here is a clip of Donna and her husband on the Tyra show:

Now Donna was the one that first caught my attention on this show because it was so different to see people who were sexually attracted to people of such astounding weights. But some of the other women on the show had some even more surprising things to say. Jessica, another woman who was featured on the same episode, said that her husband actually enjoyed feeding her doughnuts and chocolate while they were having sex and played with her belly telling her he wanted it to be bigger. At the time of the show Jessica weighed over 400 pounds but her husband wanted her to weigh at least 500 pounds. This particular relationship was different from the one Donna had with her husband because Jessica no longer felt comfortable weighing that much and having her husband feed her and she was even afraid of losing weight for fear that her husband might leave her. Here is a clip of Jessica on the show:

After having seen these 2 women and their different lifestyles, you can see that there are all kinds of people out there. The world is not full of men and women who are attracted to the Cameron Diaz-es and Paris Hiltons of the world. I commend these women for standing up for the things they like in life even if they are different from what most people enjoy. The only things I would have to disagree with are the fact that Donna may be greatly jeopardizing her health in hopes of reaching her goal  and Jessica may be living a certain lifestyle in order to make her husband happy.

If you do something in your sex life that you think is strange or different embrace it. Not everyone is the same and people enjoy all kinds of different things. But just remember to keep your health in mind and stay true to yourself!

Sex quote of the day: “Food has replaced sex in my life, now I can’t even get into my own pants.”