Sex Diet

It seems to be a cliche that all men get sleepy, roll over and pass out after sex. But it’s not only men who do this. Trust me, ladies get worn out too! Sometimes women  would like to skip the snuggling and get right to the snoring just like men. And who can blame them? Sex is a work out!

But here is something that might stop you from getting upset the next time your partner decides to zonk out right after sex…

According to an article in the, having sex can actually make you sleep better. Plus, research has shown that a lack of sleep might be a cause of obesity. Therefore, the sex helps you sleep which helps you maintain a healthy weight!

Oh, and one more thing… did you know you could burn between 50 and 100 calories having sex? That means if you have sex 3 times a week you could lose 7500 calories in a year… 4 pounds! Just from having sex, which we know I like to say is one of the best things on Earth!

So go home and have some crazy sex with your lovies and make sure you burn a load of calories. Then sleep it all off and increase your chances of staying a healthy weight! Who knew “working out” could be so FUN?!

Sex quote of the day: “A dirty book is rarely dusty.”

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